Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Timetoast takes a turn at timelines

I came across another time line tool today. My first thought was "really, another time line?" Then I thought, "surely they must know there are some good time lines out there..." This was followed quickly by "then they must think they have something unique...". Luckily, I keep a stash of artifacts and data about several ancestors so I can check this stuff out really fast. So I quickly made the time line below.

As with all time lines I've seen, it doesn't deal well with fuzzy dates that are common in genealogy (abt. 1850, etc.). I was also a let down to see that they didn't have a way to zoom or otherwise manipulate artifacts. Many genealogical artifacts are boring thumbnail-style and really require a lot of zoom to read. Aside from that, this was really fast and in about 10 minutes I had created a time line, shared it on my facebook profile, and embedded it in my blog. Nice work Timetoast.


Crwth said...

What other timeline systems would you recommend? The only other one I've given any attention to is Simile, which apart from some browser-compatibility annoyances, wasn't too bad.

Shasta said...

I hadn't looked at timelines before in that way with pictures, etc. I guess I am behind the times! You can zoom in by clicking on the event itself, which is nice.